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Steps to make your purchase

1. From the home page, you can access products in two ways: through the search feature, by inserting the name of the product, or browsing through the top menu.

2. Select the product that is suited to your needs and click in "Buy" to add it to the cart. If what you want is to expand information, you must do click in "View product" to access the product tab.

3. Once you have selected the number of units you can keep buying or confirm the order.

4. When you select 'Complete purchase', you will have to fill in your data and provide the address to which we will adress your order.

5. Select the shipping method and the method of payment.

6. Confirm the order.

7. You will receive an e-mail confirming your order.

How can you pay your purchases in SES by Sesderma?

We accept debit and credit Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard or Maestro cards. We also accept other forms of payment such as PayPal and bank transfer.

Secure payment process

Data is transmitted via encrypted SSL. For payment with Visa and MasterCard, only CES tran-sactions (secure electronic commerce) will be accepted. After verifying that the card is atta-ched to the CES system, the system will connect to the Bank that issued it so the buyer aut-horizes the purchase. When authentication is confirmed by the Bank, the card will be charged. Otherwise, the order will be canceled.

Purchase Limit

For security reasons, purchases of over 1,000 EUR or more than 20 articles are not allowed.